Pakistan tech revolution

We think technology sector is the brightest opportunity for Pakistan and its people. There are more than 400,000 Pakistani freelancers - the 4th largest globally. We think technology sector exports from Pakistan can expand by 10x. It is imperative to train Pakistani students and guide them regarding latest technology trends.

Rising Pakistan

We think creating positive role models for Pakistani students will have a massive social impact.

Technology is a powerful language which is equalizer and a great connector. It has made the world flat.

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Connect with the digital revolution

We think technologies such as AI/Machine learning, VR, and quantum computing will completely change the world. The digital age has started and humans are now in the process of learning to co-exist with machines. Robots such as Alexa and Siri are already a part of our daily lives. Even cars drive on their own.

While technology has immense powers, it can also amplify the divide between societies. Hence it is critical for Pakistan to connect closely with the leading hub of technology - the US West Coast.